Friday, 6 April 2012

Since the Spyker nameplate isn’t exactly the most recognizable among the non-auto enthusiast crowd, let us provide some background history on one of the lesser-known automotive companies in the world today. The Spijker brothers founded the coach-building Spyker company in 1880. By the turn of the century, Spyker introduced its first automobiles, and shortly thereafter the company went on to build World War I airplanes and aircraft engines. This marked the beginning of Spyker’s symbolic and enduring aeronautical heritage, which still serves as inspiration for some of the styling cues found in current Spyker cars. The business side of things, however, was far from glorious and financial woes prompted the Spyker company to fold in 1926. Present-day company, Spyker Cars was founded in 1999 and is unrelated to the aforementioned Spyker company, but Spyker Cars hold the legal rights to its brand name. The first prototype of the Spyker C8 supercar was unveiled by Spyker Cars in 2000, and remains in production. The production volume is very low and, therefore, the C8 command a very high price. The Spyker C8 comes in a number of variants, including the C8 Laviolette and C8 Double 12R, but this review will cover only one variant: the C8 Spyder. Read more:

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